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We will assist you in a company (e.g. LLC) formation in a low tax Country-Georgia. Registration of business in Georgia (both, registration as an individual and/or a company (e.g. LLC)) is possible remotely with Power of Attorney (POA) or/and in person. Business formation in Georgia is really simple process. For example, if you want to register an LLC in Tbilisi or any other big city of Georgia, it takes just a day and only up to 40 USD registration fee. You will just need a registration documents (or you can fill in sample of documents at the Public Service Hall), translator, legal address and experienced consultant to make sure that all is done correctly.

Why Georgia can be the best choice to register your business?

  1. Low taxes;
  2. Tax incentives for individuals and companies;
  3. Tax exemption of individuals on foreign source income;
  4. Tax benefits for IT companies;
  5. Special (beneficial) corporate income tax regime;
  6. Easiness of doing business;
  7. Low costs;
  8. Many others.

Notably, LLC is the most popular legal form in Georgia.

How do you start your business in the country of Georgia?

First, you need to register your company. Just contact us and we will do the whole process for you, but before doing so, we suggest you to obtain from us a very detailed and highly competent tax analyses regarding the taxation and most optimal business structure for your business in Georgia (we will provide upon your request). Having a tax consultation before setting up a company is strongly recommended as you need to know the opportunities and tax risks associated to your business in Georgia, this information will help you to plan better.

Please read our blog about how to open an LLC in Georgia.

Our company’s business registration services include:

  • Registration of a company (e.g. LLC) in Georgia;
  • Providing a legal address;
  • Opening a business or a personal bank account remotely via POA or assisting in person;
  • Registration at the tax office;
  • Finding an office for your business;
  • Registration as an individual entrepreneur in Georgia;
  • Obtaining status of “small business” (1% taxation);
  • Registration of “Virtual Zone Person” (0% corporate income tax; applicable for IT companies with some preconditions);
  • Registration of “International Company” (5% corporate income tax, 5% wage tax, 0% dividend tax, 0% property tax; applicable for IT and shipping companies with some preconditions);
  • Registration of a company in “Free Industrial Zones” of Georgia;
  • Registration “Special Trade Company”;
  • Others.
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