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Opening a Bank Account Remotely (or in person) in Georgia

If you plan to open a personal or a business bank account in a country of Georgia, we will gladly assist you in this process

Opening a bank account in Georgia is not always a simple and straightforward process. Currently this process became more complex. For bank account registration in Georgia, you need to be well prepared for the answers asked by the banks in their application forms and verbally, demonstrate your business plans associated to Georgia, legality of your newly registered business as well as legality of source of your income. This process can be even more complicated if you plan to open a bank account online/remotely.

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How to open a bank account online in Georgia?

You will need to provide a Power of Attorney (POA) to a local lawyer/consultant who will go through the whole process on your behalf. POA needs legalization/Apostille or the approval by a notary, depending on the country. For more details about the procedures of opening a bank account in Georgia, please contact us.

You need to know that after you successfully manage to open a bank account in Georgia, you need to take care that the account is not closed later by the bank. For example, bank accounts of “letter box” companies in Georgia frequently are closed.

Best banks in Georgia?

Georgia’s biggest banks are TBC and Bank of Georgia. You can see ranking, amount of net profit and capital of Georgian banks here.

Can you open a bank account as a non-resident in Georgia?

There are no restrictions for non-residents to open bank accounts in Georgia. You just need to fill in certain application and provide some requested documents about source of your income, purpose of opening a bank account, any association with politically active people, etc. Of course, it is relatively easier process to open an account in person when you are residing in Tbilisi or in any other big city of Georgia and going to a bank by yourself (preferably together with a consultant) but opening a bank account online/remotely without traveling to Georgia, via using POA is also possible (more complicated but possible).

How can we be helpful for you to open a bank account in the country of Georgia?

We will assist you in the effective communication with the banks so that the chances of opening a bank account for your business or for yourself is higher. We also offer you the assistance in opening a bank account remotely, via Power of Attorney (POA).