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Consulting and accounting services for IT companies in Georgia

What type of benefits is applicable for IT firms in Georgia? Law/No taxes

Tax benefits for IT companies in the country of Georgia

Georgian tax legislation is most friendly with IT firms. There are 2 special/beneficial tax regimes applicable for IT companies: “Virtual Zone Person” and “International company”.

Tax benefits for Virtual Zones in Georgia

0% corporate income tax on the profit earned from providing certain IT services to foreign clients;
0% VAT on services provided to foreign clients

Tax benefits for “International Companies” in Georgia (Apply for IT and shipping firms)

  • 5% corporate oncome tax;
  • 0% withholding tax on dividend;
  • 5% wage tax;
  • 0% property tax.

Consulting and accounting services for IT companies in Georgia

We offer a full package of services to IT companies in Georgia

 Registration of “Virtual Zone Person (VZP)” in a country of Georgia

Tax exemption for IT companies in Virtual Zone in Georgia is a wonderful benefit but it applies only to certain types of IT activities and with some preconditions.
Thus, first, you need to analyze whether your company really qualifies under “Virtual Zone Person” and proceed with the application only after that. We will support you in all stages of the process.

We offer:

  • Tax consultation for VZPs (analyses of whether an IT firm qualifies under VZP status and tax exemption);
  • Formation of Virtual Zone Person (business registration and obtaining of the status of VZP);
  • Bookkeeping services.

The business substance is needed for Virtual Zones in Georgia. You can find our article on this topic here.

Registration of “International company” in Georgia

The status of “International Company” is newly introduced in the Georgian tax law and applies to IT and shipping businesses. We offer assistance in obtaining the status of “international company” for your business.
Before starting this procedure, we will conduct and deliver a thorough analysis of whether your company can qualify under “International company” status/the tax benefits without bearing any material tax risk.

“Virtual Zone “or “International Company”?

A comparison between “Virtual Zone Person” and “International Company” is described in our article which you can find here.