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Tax Residency Certificate in the country Georgia

We offer the service of obtaining a tax residency certificate in Georgia

What is the tax residency rule in Georgia?

The general rule of tax residency in Georgia is spending in the country 183 days and more within 12 consecutive calendar months. You can read our article explaining the Georgian tax residency rule in more detail. The article you can find here. Besides the general rule of Georgian tax residency, there is also a special rule according to which obtaining a Georgian tax residency certificate is possible even without spending a single day in the country. Such a special rule applies only to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI).

Tax residency certificate in the country Georgia

Who is a High Net Worth Individual according to Georgian tax law?

According to Georgian tax law, a High Net Worth Individual is a person who holds assets with a value of at least 3 mln GEL (less than 950k USD) OR receives income more than 200 000 GEL (approx. 60000 USD) in the last 3 years for the year of application. For example, if you apply for a tax residency certificate in 2021, you need to demonstrate the receipt of 200 000 Gel annual income (of a foreign or Georgian source) for each of the following years: 2018, 2019, and 2020. In addition to satisfying the definition of HNWI, High Net Worth Individuals shall meet the additional criterions. In particular, they shall either hold a residence permit (living/working permit in Georgia) OR demonstrate the receipt of 25000 GEL income from the Georgian source in the year of the application.

More details about the High Net Worth Individual tax residency certificate in Georgia you can read in our article which you can find here.

Looking for HNWI Tax Residency Certificate in Georgia?

Please contact us, we will assess where you qualify under High Net Worth Individual status. If yes, we will assist in the whole process of obtaining an HNWI tax residency certificate via Power of Attorney or in person.