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Tax, Accounting, Consulting Services in the Country of Georgia

We offer the following accounting/consulting services: 

We are English-speaking tax accountants from Tbilisi, Georgia, specializing in Georgian and international taxation. Taxation is the most prioritized direction of our firm. We are equally highly confident in both, international and Georgian tax.  

Before and after you register your business in Georgia, we offer you: 

  • One-time tax consultation; 
  • Monthly tax consultation/accounting services;  
  • Tax planning/Structuring your business; 

tax accounting service in georgia

 Why do you need a tax consultation before you set up a business in Georgia? 

After our tax consultation you will understand the due taxes, tax risks associated to your business in Georgia, ways of minimizing/eliminating such risks, the best business structure, and potential tax incentives/exemptions you can benefit in the country. If you start a business without having the above information, you might face a trouble with the Georgian tax administration later, with the retrospective effect. We provide a written tax consultation in English or/and Georgian with references to the relevant legislative norms, as a next step, we will explain our written opinion in a verbal way during follow-up calls/meetings so that our opinions are fully clear for you.  

Check our articles on the Georgian tax-related topics here 

International Taxation & Transfer Pricing Services in Georgia 

Georgian Transfer Pricing (TP) rules are applicable since December 2013; Georgian Transfer Pricing law partly relies on OECD TP guideline 2017 with some deviations. Preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation is required by the law and it shall be submitted to the Georgian tax authority within 30 days upon their request.  

We offer the full Transfer Pricing (TP) services: 

  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation based on Georgian TP law; 
  • Establishing a Transfer Pricing policy of your company;  
  • Regular consultation regarding Transfer Pricing issues.  

International Tax Services in Georgia  

Georgia has signed double taxation treaties with 56 countries as of today. The treaty network provides the possibility to Georgian companies to enjoy tax benefits provided by the double taxation agreements. However, using such benefits correctly, without breaching the law needs special knowledge.  

  • We will analyze the correctness of tax treaty application by your firm;  
  • We assist to set up the most optimal international business structure.  

You can find he list of the tax treaties hereInternational tax is our specialization, thus, high quality of service is promised.  

Other tax services in Georgia 

  • In addition to one-time tax consultation, international tax, and transfer pricing services, we offer: 
  • Tax audit (due diligence); 
  • Tax dispute resolution services in Georgia; 
  • Representing your business during tax inspections conducted by Georgian tax administration; 
  • Obtaining an advance tax ruling for your business (for high tax certainty); 
  • Assisting you in communication with tax authorities.  

Bookkeeping/reporting service in Georgia: 

  • Bookkeeping, preparing, and submitting monthly/annual tax declarations  
  • We offer bookkeeping and reporting services together with tax consultation.  
  • We will account your business transactions using specially designed software; 
  • We will prepare and submit your monthly and annual tax declarations.  

Importantly, the bookkeeping will be done under the control of tax consultants/auditors to make sure that the numbers in the accounting ledgers and tax declarations are correct from the technical and the legal perspective. 

  gela barshovi tax expert in georgia

IFRS and reporting services in Georgia 

Preparation and publishing of financial statements already are statutory in Georgia.  For companies of the 4th and 3rd categories, we offer preparation and publishing of financial statements according to the standards set by the Georgian law on “Accounting, Reporting, and Audit”.