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Tax rates in Georgia (country) as well as reporting periods are provided in the table below:

Tax rates in Georgia (country) as well as reporting periods are provided in the table below:

Tax rates in Georgia (country) as well as reporting periods are provided in the table below:

Georgian Tax Report


Tax categoryRateTax baseReporting periodRemarks
Corporate Income tax in Georgia15%Gross amount of distributed dividend divided by 0.85MonthPayable only in case of distribution of dividends to a shareholders or other transactions listed in the tax code which are deemed as distribution of dividend
Personal Income Tax in Georgia20%Taxable profitYearStandard tax rate for natural person taxpayers (however, there are many exceptions where lower tax rates apply)
Personal Income Tax in Georgia5%Gross revenueYearApplies on income received for renting out residential properties
Personal Income Tax in Georgia1%Gross revenueMonthApplies to natural person taxpayers with a status of “small business”  (Does not apply to all business activities, limit of maximum annual turnover is up to 500 000 Gel)
Personal Income Tax in Georgia0%Non-Georgian source incomeAnnualFull tax exemption applies on income received by natural persons from non-Georgian source (“Non-Georgian source income is described in the Georgian Tax code”)
Property Tax for legal entities in Georgiaup to 1%Average balance value of assets of companiesYear 
Property Tax natural persons in Georgia0%; 0.05%-0.2%; 0.8%-1% Market price of fixed assets and cars for the end of yearYearNatural persons with family annual income less than 40 000 Gel enjoy full exemption. Different tax rates apply when family annual income is up to and above 100 000 GEL
Tax on Land in Georgia0.24 GelOne square meter of non-agricultural landYearDifferent (lower) rates apply on agricultural lands. The rates can be amended within given range by local municipalities 
VAT in Georgia18%TurnoverMonthServices and goods provided on Georgian territory
Reverse VAT in Georgia18%Compensation for services provided by non-resident persons on Georgian territoryMonthGeorgian tax code defines which services are considered as rendered on territory of Georgia
Wage Tax in Georgia20%Gross salary & other benefitsMonthPlus, contribution to pension fund
Contribution to pension fund in Georgia4%2% deducted from salary; 2% grossed up and paid by employerMonthDoes not apply to non-Georgian citizen persons in all situations
Withholding tax (WHT) on Dividend in Georgia5%Amount of paid dividendsMonthTax treaty might grant exemption if applicable
Withholding tax in Georgia on Service remuneration to non-residents10%Gross amount without deductionsMonthOnly such payments are taxable which are considered as “Georgian source income”. In addition, Tax Treaties might provide tax exemption, if applicable
Withholding tax  in Georgia on service remuneration to resident non-taxpayer natural persons20%Gross amount without deductionsMonthPlus, contribution to pension fund
Withholding tax in Georgia on Interest payment  to non-residents5%Gross amount without deductionsMonth 
Withholding tax in Georgia on Interest payment to resident5%Gross amount without deductionsMonthDoes not apply on payments to legal entities
Withholding tax in Georgia on Royalty payment to non-resident persons5%Gross amount without deductionsMonth 
Withholding tax in Georgia on Royalty payment to non-VAT payer resident natural persons 20%Gross amount without deductionsMonth 
WHT in Georgia on any payments  to tax heaven companies15%Gross amount without deductionsMonthApplies to service remuneration, interest, royalty and other payments which is subject of WHT except dividends

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