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We offer a full package of professional accounting and tax services for your business in Georgia.


We offer business formation services in Georgia remotely via POA or in person. We provide all necessary services for setting up a company (e.g. LLC) or registration of an individual entrepreneur in the country of Georgia: Initial tax analyses, business registration, legal address, bank account, bookkeeping and consulting services. Read here our article on this topic.

We offer you the registration of “Virtual Zone Person (VZP)” Or “International Company (IC)”in Georgia. Both statuses provide tax incentives for Georgian IT firms: 0% corporate income tax (for VZPs) or 5% corporate income tax, 5% wage tax, 0% dividend tax, 0% property tax (for ICs). Before the registration, we will perform tax analyses to determine whether your business fully qualifies under the either status (VZP or IC) and whether any tax risk is faced. Read here and here our articles on the topic.

We offer the assistance in opening a bank account in Georgia remotely or in person: We will assist you in collecting necessary documentation, filling in the bank application forms and we will support in the process of effective communication with representatives of Georgian banks.

Individual entrepreneurs/solo proprietorships in Georgia can enjoy 1% personal income tax if they qualify under “small business” status. In the scope our service: We will analyze whether you fully qualify under “small business” status. If yes, we will provide full assistance in business registration, opening a bank account, obtaining a certificate of “small business”, bookkeeping, reporting and consultations. Read here, here and here our articles on this topic.

We provide accounting/bookkeeping and all tax-related services in Georgia: Monthly or one-off tax consultation, tax audit/due diligence, tax dispute resolution, obtaining an advance tax ruling, Transfer Pricing, International Tax planning, bookkeeping, preparation and submitting tax declarations, other related services.

You can become Georgian tax resident even without spending 183 days (general rule) or without spending any days in the country of Georgia if you qualify as High Net Worth Individual (HNWI). We offer you analyses whether you qualify as HNWI, if you qualify so, we will provide the full support in obtaining tax residency in Georgia even without spending many (or any) days in the country. Read here our article on this topic.


Why Choose Us?

Both, Georgian and International Tax

We are among extremely few local accounting/consulting firms in Georgia specialized in Georgian and International Taxation as well.

EU and Georgian experience

We are practitioners and have a working experience as well as education both in Georgia and EU countries (Germany, Austria, and others).

Experience in tax administration

Our managing partner, always personally involved in our tax projects, is a former tax inspector. Besides the tax law, he is well aware of practices/approaches of the Georgian tax authorities.

Professional insurance

Our professional responsibility is insured by an insurance company for up to 1,000,000 GEL

Full privacy

We guaranty a full privacy and confidentiality forever! We can start our communication by signing the NDA.


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