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Georgian and international taxation expert in Tbilisi, Georgia

We Offer a Full Package Of Business Registration, Professional Accounting, And Tax Services For Your Business In The Country Of Georgia

Gela Barshovi

Why Choose Us?

Both, Georgian and International Tax​

We are among extremely few local accounting/consulting firms in Georgia specialized in Georgian and International Taxation as well.

EU and Georgian experience

We are practitioners and have a working experience as well as education both in Georgia and EU countries (Germany, Austria, and others).

Experience in tax administration

Our managing partner, always personally involved in our tax projects, is a former tax inspector. Besides the tax law, he is well aware of practices/approaches of the Georgian tax authorities.

Professional insurance

Our professional responsibility is insured by an insurance company for up to 1,000,000 GEL

Full Privacy

We guaranty a full privacy and confidentiality forever! We can start our communication by signing the NDA.


Your Gateway to Business Success in Georgia

Welcome to TPsolution, your trusted partner in navigating the business landscape of Georgia. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to simplify and streamline your business operations, ensuring a smooth and successful establishment in this low-tax haven. Whether you’re looking to register your business, open a bank account remotely, or optimize your tax strategy, our team of English-speaking tax accountants in Tbilisi is dedicated to providing expert guidance every step of the way.

We will assist you in a company (e.g. LLC) formation in a low tax Country-Georgia. Registration of business in Georgia (both, registration as an individual and/or a company (e.g. LLC)) is possible remotely with Power of Attorney (POA) or/and in person.

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Opening a bank account in Georgia is not always a simple and straightforward process. Currently this process became more complex. For bank account registration in Georgia, you need to be well prepared for the answers asked by the banks in their application forms and verbally, demonstrate your business plans associated to Georgia, legality of your newly registered business as well as legality of source of your income.

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We offer the following accounting/consulting services: We are English-speaking tax accountants from Tbilisi, Georgia, specializing in Georgian and international taxation. Taxation is the most prioritized direction of our firm. We are equally highly confident in both, international and Georgian tax.

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The status of “International Company” is newly introduced in the Georgian tax law and applies to IT and shipping businesses. We offer assistance in obtaining the status of “international company” for your business. Before starting this procedure, we will conduct and deliver a thorough analysis of whether your company can qualify under “International company” status/the tax benefits without bearing any material tax risk.

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“Small business” is a special regime of taxation applicable for a certain type of individual taxpayers (Entrepreneurs/freelancers ) if they satisfy criteria provided by the law, register as a taxpayer in Georgia, apply and obtain the status (certificate) of “small business” at the Georgian tax administration. “Small business” is not a legal form of the taxpayer as such. “Registration as a small business” is a frequently used term but it is not legally correct.

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The general rule of tax residency in Georgia is spending in the country 183 days and more within 12 consecutive calendar months. You can read our article explaining the Georgian tax residency rule in more detail. The article you can find here. Besides the general rule of Georgian tax residency, there is also a special rule according to which obtaining a Georgian tax residency certificate is possible even without spending a single day in the country. Such a special rule applies only to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI).

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Tbilisi (Georgia)-based accounting and consulting firm, TPsolution LLC aims to keep service levels as high as possible. That is why we always go above and beyond with our clients; we fully dedicate ourselves to each project. For example, many accounting firms in Georgia provide bookkeeping services without tax control, meaning that only bookkeepers do work for the clients, which in our opinion, is ineffective.

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We offer the following Transfer Pricing Services: Preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation in accordance with Georgian Transfer Pricing law and OECD TP guidelines, the setting up of a Transfer Pricing policy, and ongoing consultations regarding the application of a Transfer Pricing policy on your intra-group transactions. We specialize in taxation, particularly in Georgian tax law, Transfer Pricing, and double taxation agreements. We have twelve years of experience in taxation including ten years of experience specifically in Transfer Pricing.

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