We will assist you in business registration in Georgia (both, registration of an individual entrepreneur and/or legal entity) with Power of Attorney (POA) or in person. In scope of this service we will prepare all necessary documents, will provide the legal address and open a tax-payer’s page on the platform of Georgia Revenue Service for your business, also, we will be your contact person in communications with the government (if needed).

Opening a bank account in Georgia is not always a simple and straightforward process. You need to be well prepared for the answers asked by the banks in their application forms and verbally, demonstrate your business plans associated to Georgia and legality of your newly registered business. We will assist you in the effective communication with banks in Georgia

We are very good in international and Georgian taxation. That is the specialization of our founder and the managing partner and the most prioritized direction of our firm. We are highly confident in that field. We offer you one-time and/or monthly tax consultation services before and after you register your business in Georgia.

We offer the full Transfer Pricing (TP) and international tax services for Georgian and foreign clients. International tax is our specialization, thus, high quality service is promised. In scope of this service we will create the transfer pricing policy of your company, prepare the transfer pricing documentations and will analyze tax treaty treaty application. Notably, Georgia has signed double taxation treaties with 56 countries as of today.

In addition to one-time tax consultation, transfer pricing and tax treaty application services, we are offering the following other tax-related services: Tax audit (due diligence), representing your business during tax disputes and/or tax inspections in Georgia, obtaining an advance tax ruling for your company (for high tax certainty), providing monthly (on-call) tax consultation, assisting you in communication with tax authorities.

There are several free industrial zones in Georgia offering multiple tax exemptions/benefits for the companies (e.g. exemption from corporate income tax and many more). As a first step, we offer you a tax analyses regarding benefits/risks association to doing business in free industrial zones. If the results of our analyses are positive, we will provide full technical support with regard to registering and operating a company in the Georgian free industrial zones.

Companies working in import/export business can use a wonderful possibility of getting a full exemption from corporate income tax in Georgia on the profit gained from re-exporting goods from the country. We offer full package of services regarding operating “special trade company” in Georgia (consultation, registration of a company, obtaining a status of “special trade company”, bookkeeping and full technical support).

Status of “International Company” is newly introduced in the Georgian tax law and applies to IT and shipping businesses. We offer the assistance in obtaining a status of “international company” for your business, before staring that procedure, we will conduct and deliver the thorough analyze of whether your company can qualify under “International company” status without bearing any material tax risk.

Entrepreneurs/freelancers providing a certain type of services can enjoy 1% tax rate in Georgia if satisfy some given criterions and qualify under “small business” status. 1% tax is an amazing incentive, however, we strongly advise, before enjoying this benefit to make sure that you really satisfy all criterions for “small business” status and that no risk remains of retrospectively revoking such status later. We offer full package of services associated to “small business” tax, starting from thorough tax analyses ending by the assisting in obtaining such status and bookkeeping services.

IT companies in Georgia providing certain type of IT services aboard can apply for the certificate of “Virtual Zone Person” and get full exemption of corporate income tax in Georgia. That is a wonderful benefit but it applies only to certain type of IT activities. Thus, first, you need to analyze whether your company really qualifies under “Virtual Zone Person” and proceed with the application only after that. We will gladly support you in all stages of the process. We are offering: Tax consultation for VZPs (whether an IT firm qualifies under VZP status), formation of VZP and bookkeeping services.

General rule of tax residency in Georgia is 183 days within 12 calendar months but there is also possibility of obtaining a Georgian tax residency certificate even without spending a single day in the country. That is called “High Net Worth Individual” tax residency certificate. If you hold assets with value of 3 mln GEL (less than 1mln USD) or receive income more than 200 000 GEL (approx. 60000 USD) in last 3 years, you will have a possibility to become Georgian tax resident without spending even one day in Georgia. We offer the full package of service of obtaining HNWI tax residency. We have gained valuable experience in this direction too.

We offer bookkeeping and reporting services together with tax consultation. So, we will account your business transactions using specially designed software, we will fill-up and send the your monthly and annual tax declarations. Importantly, we will do that under the control of tax consultants/auditors to make sure that the numbers in the accounting ledgers and tax declarations are correct not only from the technical but also from the legal perspective.

Preparation and publishing of financial statements already is statutory in Georgia. For companies of 4th and 3rd categories we offer preparation and publishing of financial statements according to the standards set by the Georgian law on “Accounting, Reporting and Audit”.

TPsolution LLC is Georgian accounting&consulting firm established based on the Georgian and EU experience. The company brings together featured, enthusiastic, highly qualified young professionals.

High quality of our service, professional ethic and continuous development represent our minimum standards and we will never compromise them.

Supporting business with our high quality service is our key motivation. We always think about your needs and the way to optimize your business expenses within the legislative norms to help you not waste your time worrying about it.

The activities we do are not only business for us but the main way of our self-realization. That’s why we take our work with especially high responsibility.

We are a member of the European Business Association Georgia