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TPsolution in Media

The founder of TPsolution, Gela Barshov, is often invited on TV as a tax expert to answer various questions about the tax system in Georgia. Bellow you can find some informative videos from his media appears.

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Taxation of Virtual Zone Persons in Georgia

The founder of TPsolution, Georgian tax consultant, Gela Barshovi briefly discusses taxation of “Virtual Zone Persons” (VZPs) in Georgia

Non-qualified VAT payers

Georgian tax administration has currently introduced the new status of “Non-qualified VAT payer” for Georgian business. Tax adviser, and founder of TPsolution Gela Barshovi briefly explains what restrictions apply to “non-qualified VAT payers” and which category of business qualify under this status.

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Tax exemptions, law taxes and other tax incentives in Georgia

International and Georgian tax adviser, founder of the TPsolution Gela Barshovi talks about the competitiveness of the Georgian tax system and tax exemptions, low taxes, and other tax benefits in Georgia.

The amendment of Georgian VAT law

International and Georgian tax adviser Gela Barshovi briefly talked about the major amendments made in the Georgian VAT regulations which will be in force from January 2021. 

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Tax incentives in Georgia for "international companies"

International and Georgian tax consultant, founder of TPsolution Gela Barshovi talks about new tax incentives provided by the Georgian tax system:
The Georgian tax law offers new incentives for IT and shipping enterprises qualified as “international companies”.

Investment climate and tax incentives in Georgia

The Georgian government has announced a new initiative to welcome international freelancers to the country. A Georgian tax consultant, founder of TPsolution Gela Barshovi briefly talks about the benefits Georgia offers to freelancers and investors.

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