Georgia has signed double taxation agreement with 56 countries so far meaning that you can benefit from such treaties and pay lass withholding tax in Georgia when you have business transactions with residents of above-mentioned 56 states. However, please be aware that some mistakes in application of the tax treaties are expectable if you do not enjoy high competence in this field, as a result you might face additional tax risks and penalties. We will evaluate correctness of application tax treaties by you; we will assess the risks, also potential benefits which you could enjoy but have not done yet. Most importantly, we will continue providing you consultations to prevent any mistakes in the future.

Founding partner of TPsolution has made valuable contribution in establishing approached of Georgian tax administration with regard to tax treaty application when he was in the role of tax inspector in Georgia. After that he farther deepened his knowledge during LLM program of international tax law in Austria, followed by working experience in the field in Austria and Germany.  So, you are in a good hand.