If the tax administration makes a new tax assessment of your company, you have three ways to proceed:

  • Agree and recognize your new tax liabilities;
  • Apply for the tax agreement (maximum amount you can negotiate on is penalty and interest, principle amount tax is not negotiable);
  • Challenge the assessment, submit the appeal and start dispute process in the system of minster of finance. (Recommended approach, in addition, by choosing this way you don’t lose the opportunity to go back to previous two options later)

We will be glad to be your representatives in dispute process within the system of ministry of finance and the court. We will make thorough analysis of all the tax issues under the question, prepare and submit the appeal on your behalf, will be your representatives in the dispute process. Our long experience of litigation from the perspective of both sides of the table will help us provide high quality services. Working experience in a tax administration, as well as in international accounting firms and multinational group helps us easily and deeply analyze all challenged issues, understand strong and weak parts of arguments provided by tax administrations and use all that info for your benefit.